3point Agenda for FOBTOB ITC Developmental Goals

By | 05/07/2019

The manifesto as been carefully drafted out to achieve the Motto of the union….”towards a better living………”

In actualizing these, 3 focuses of sustainable goals have been identified in order to fast track the FOBTOB ITC branch growth and development;

  • Human capital development
  • Facilitating good working condition: health, environmental safety and other welfare packages.
  • Enterprise, Education and Value re-orientation


A blend of experience in Private, Public and National sectors emphasizes his abilities and capabilities to lead FOBTOB ITC branch to a “GREATER HEIGHT”

  • Member, Young African leaders Initiative Network (YALI)
  • Member, Kwara Youth Centre
  • Corper liaison Officer
  • Chief Editor, Faculty of Art Muslim Student Association (FAMSA)
  • First Secretary General of Educational Development Group
  • A social activist
  • A public affairs analyst
  • A publisher and creative writer
  • Numerous awards on Humanitarian and Societal services.

In providing leadership in the noble local branch of FOBTOB, as the chairman, our team will adopt a multi-track approach to ensure a geometric progression of events. (Collectivism as against Individualism). In line with this assertion, we will be considering the followings:

HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT- Health is wealth as anonymously implied, a healthy worker is a wealthy worker, and a wealthy worker is a fulfilled and industrious worker. It is to this assertion we would be seeking on the following….

  • To seek a redress to our medical facilities and health care packages.
  • To ensure our working environments is in tandem to the established conventions as stipulated by the Nigeria labor law.

On the part of the union

  • We would partner with Telemedicine services to improve the health of its members and their families
  • We would provide health schemes to cut across the ages of member staff and their families.


  • To seek, ensure and sustain a better welfare package for staffs as obtainable with the conditionality of our duties.

On the part of the union

  • An empowerment scheme would be initiated; this scheme will enact a skill acquisition tailored towards a retirement plan for members.


  • To seek for avenues to advance workers educational standard
  • To ensure staffs are well trained and equipped in order to meet up the challenges of their respective duties

On The Part Of the Union

  • We would provide a scheme for educational scholarship (Mutual Financial Academic Assistance (MFAA) for union members.
  • Our team will collaborate with appropriate bodies within and outside the State to facilitate capacity building programs and creating awareness to all members.


Having understudied and analyzed various information regarding the development of the union in recent years, putting in place the below won’t be under emphasized: Top on our team agenda are:

  • Facilitation of Hand book for all members
  • The union Letter headed papers
  • Designing of a well articulated Union Logo
  • Procurement of A computer set
  • And other necessary official materials will be accomplished.

It is to the forgoing I solicit for the support of my fellow comrades to uplift our standard of living by voting for RAJI AZEEZ as the Chairman FOBTOB ITC branch.


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  1. 'Leye

    These are good agenda which I know our people will buy, carry on comrade.


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