Reginae Carter’s Boyfriend YFN Lucci Posts Cute Photos With His Son

By | 05/06/2018

Reginae Carter’s Boyfriend YFN Lucci Posts Cute Photos With His Son

Rapper YFN Lucci is trying to move from the whole fake arrest drama with Reginae Carter by posting a few tear-jerking photos with his cute son.

The rapper took to social media where he shared a few pictures, and he is hugging and squeezing his handsome boy as they sit in a luxury car.

Reginae is sitting next to her boo in the photos, but her face is not really visible.

The proud father had a sweet caption for the images that read: “MY BEST FRIEND 4 LIFE.”

Not that long ago, the rapper shared a cute post with his son sleeping in his arms and made him this beautiful promise: “MA DO WHATEVA I CAN TO GIVE U THE BEST LIFE YOUNGIN #THUGLUV.”

While most people are happy to see a proud father bond with his young son, others want him to take care of the child’s hair.

A few are even bashing Reginae for not stepping up as a stepmom to the little boy.

One concerned fan asked: “Why does the baby’s hair look like that? Omg, his bm really couldn’t do that his hair before she sent him to his daddy’s house. Reginae better learns how to do hair so she can do her step child’s hair cause boyyyy his momma gotta do better lmao. Somebody called Reginae registration. Reginae needs to address them braids. So nobody gon comb && condition that lil boy head?! All that ICE on and can’t even re-braid that baby head.”

A defender wrote: “Y’all funny and all but the only reason why y’all being funny about people kids is because y’all behind a screen Y’all wouldn’t say none of this to Lucci or Toya.Y’all so messy with Reginae on the side talking about him on daddy duties lol.”

This supporter added: “Dang get the babies hair done it makes me so mad these celebrities have so much money and make sure they stay fly, but their babies look a mess smh Who is her momma that head though. Nae should do that baby hair her moms busy probably somewhere working hard.”

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